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Rob and I at SunReh German Shepherds breed for temperament, type, structure and longevity in the breed.  We do not have litters all that often, a very small breeder.  We also believe that all puppies should   be sold with a lifetime guarantee against all hereditary diseases, and we offer a contract for this.

We try to breed for the "Total" German Shepherd.  We are also members of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and The German Shepherd Dog Club of the Pacific Northwest.   We will stand behind any dog that we sell.  Currently, we have dogs sold to Mexico and Michigan from our first litter.

So, please contact us at anytime regarding new litters.  Also, don't forget to visit the artistic page of
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"Captured" Portraits in Pencil.  
So many new portraits are added!  Now below, we offer you a look at some of our upcoming stars!

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welcomepaw.gif (1714 bytes) aniheart.gif (4940 bytes)Ken-Delaine's last!ani161.gif (3102 bytes)
welcomepaw.gif (1714 bytes) Ken-Delaine's Renita  ani161.gif (3102 bytes)
welcomepaw.gif (1714 bytes) Hunde Haus' Detroit Diesel, CD, CGC, OFA
welcomepaw.gif (1714 bytes) SunReh's Redrum Shining
welcomepaw.gif (1714 bytes) SunReh's Izadorable in Red
welcomepaw.gif (1714 bytes) SunReh's Red Sun Rising (Sold)
welcomepaw.gif (1714 bytes) Hickory Hills Toohardto Hold

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...and a tribute to Hickory Hills Toohardto Hold
"There were seven spanish angels at the altar of the Sun,
They were praying for the lovers in the valley of the gun,
When the fighting stopped and the smoke cleared,
There was thunder from the throne,
And Seven Spanish Angels took another angel home"

Below, sites I have built!

bluediam.gif (11352 bytes) Ken-Delaine Shepherds
detmernm.gif (3576 bytes) Detmer German Shepherds
smcstle.gif (2340 bytes) NewCastle German Shepherds
welcomepaw.gif (1714 bytes) Legend German Shepherds
welcomepaw.gif (1714 bytes) Geyer's Garten Cards and Books
welcomepaw.gif (1713 bytes) The Ballet Studio

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