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I am here tonight to brag about the wonderful gift my hubby got for his  birthday. 
He received a portrait of his sweet old girl, Classy, by our very talented
list member Suzanne Cartwright.  When he opened the
package, he unrolled it and just stared at it for a long time.  He
didn't say anything but his eyes got shiny and he had a small smile on
his face.  I went over and held it up so he could just look and when I
asked was that her? he just nodded yes.   I asked him what he thought
and what should I tell Suzanne?  He said," Just tell her Thank you for
bringing my girl back to me.  It opened my heart up so all those
wonderful memories of her could come out again."  He is a man of few
words and I think that says exactly what he felt.  He also said that is
was a very good birthday present! 

Thank you Suzanne for your special gift.

Jim and LaVonne Ealy, 1999

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Copyright 1999, Suzanne Cartwright
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