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Just sit back...grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy!!  The eagle I did above will now be "Captured's" logo since every work I do, does and will, have that "look of eagles".  Below are "thumbnails" that when you click them you will see a larger version of each piece.  Every portrait done will grace the pages of my website.  For pricing, please e-mail me.

I would like to take this time to thank all the "companions" of their hearts who have entrusted me with "capturing" their loving memories. 
***2000 Commemorative cards are available of "2000", signed and numbered.***

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  Apache XV & Ina's Butterscotch Candy
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Taylormade.jpg (37409 bytes) Tylera.jpg (34593 bytes)
Casalomas Crystal Classic, TC
Ch Ken-Delaine's Taylor Made, ROM
Tyrell's Golden Charm
20001.jpg (16556 bytes) Aviap1b.jpg (35289 bytes) Nicky1b.jpg (41658 bytes) Erthwfr.jpg (44636 bytes)
  "2000"        Sel Ch Ken-Delaine's Avia, ROM, OFA Top Ten Producer Sel Ch Ken-Delaine's Dominique Am/Can Ch Earth Wind and Fire of Edan, CD, ROM
mca.jpg (24910 bytes) Egoiste.jpg (23482 bytes) Vision.jpg (45273 bytes) chelsea3a.jpg (46609 bytes)
Sel CH Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge, ROMC Sel CH Ken-Delaine's Egoiste Schokrest Clayfield Vision, ROM HCH Pa-Gairs Kaiserin Chelsea, CD, HX
Michael.jpg (52042 bytes) madlung2a.jpg (37690 bytes) Kanea.jpg (34515 bytes) Lumpa.jpg (51280 bytes)
CH Rivendell's George Michael, HT, TC Ginmist's Grosshimel On The Move, OFA CH Kubistraum's Kane, ROM CH Waldeslust's Lumpazius
Reebdya.jpg (35286 bytes) nax1.gif (158010 bytes) Carda.jpg (14438 bytes)
Ch Reel Quik Legend V-Nax vom Hasenborn SchH III, FH, IPO III, KKL-l,Lbz, "a" normal 100 Year Anniversary CardoftheGSD**Cards for Sale, see note!
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Carbon Copy Run for the Roses Turn To Dakota

Thank you so much for stopping by...remember new pictures to be added.
You are art lover to visit my site, thanks!

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