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OFA GS-38450G80M
Echowoods Tassman, CD x Hunde Haus' Second Chance
Now will be a "13 Club Member" through
the GSDCA!

Club13a.jpg (30291 bytes)


In the beginning........

Diesel at 10 weeks of age.....


at 6 months of age.....

and then at 5 years of age

...and now...

at 12 years young!


Echowoods Tassman, CD CH Echowoods Saratoga Sel. Ch. Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill ROM OFA Cobert's Sirocco of Windigail ROM
GV Ch. Covy's Rosemary of Tucker Hill ROM OFA
Echowoods Cashmere CH Sregor's M.C.
Ch Echowood's Velvet of Lauron
CH Echowoods Tropicana AM/CAN CH Covy Tucker Hills Finnegan ROM Covy's Oregano of Tucker Hill ROM OFA
Covy's Fate of Tucker Hill
Echowoods Raquel of Lauron ROM Can CH Rocket of Lauron
Co Co of Lauron
Hunde Haus Second Chance Big Blazing Buffalo Blizzard Sel CH Sequels Lonnie v Gussando ROM Sel CH Kubistraums Kane ROM
Sequels Christmiss
Don Mars Amber II CH Nocturnes Con Man
Nocturnes Enchantmen
Marshaland's Cameo Sel CH Wellsprings Howard Johnson ROM Sel CH Doppelt-Tays Hawkeye ROM
CH Ambers Flair ROM
Marshaland's Charmin CH Donelhaus Kojak
Marshaland's Justakiss ROM

He has been such a love for us. My first purebred German Shepherd Dog, still going strong! He has made it to the 13 Club!
And he has so much life!

This will never be the end......

Copyright 1998, 1999 Suzanne Cartwright